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Finish Blade for Power Trowels

Finish Blade for Helicopter Trowels


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A finish blade is made of high-carbon steel which provides a flex and swiping action to densify the concrete. Finish blades are always pitched, at least slightly. The pitch is increased as the concrete becomes harder. An advantage of a finish blade is that there are two edges available for wearing. After the one side wears out, the blade may be turned around for a fresh new edge. Wide finish blades (eight-inch) have become popular with their larger surface area for early finishing after panning. For early finishing, the wide finish blade may be more economical than a combination blade because it can be reversed. This finish blade is suitable for Wacker Neuson power trowels, Toku Power Trowels, Robin Power trowels, Belle Power Trowels, BTC Power Trowels, Beton Power Trowels.

  • Finish Blades are made with hardened and tempered carbon steel
  • High carbon increases the abrasive resistance, resulting in longer life
  • Also available as specially formulated blue tempered steel for longer life and better finish
  • Packed with Plastic Thread Protectors
  • Blades are supplied for most of the trowel types
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