Concrete Buckets & Loading Platforms / Concrete bucket Square Type with side unloading or discharge

Concrete bucket Square Type with side unloading or discharge

Concrete bucket Square Type with side unloading or discharge VLift


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Wecare Machinery is one of the main suppliers of V-Lift brand Concrete Buckets in UAE. Concrete Buckets are specific pieces of construction devices that enable the pouring and lifting of the concrete to be done without any trembling or dangling occurring in the air. A regular container will not handle the job as it will have lots of movement which would likely spatter the concrete out onto the floor. VLift concrete buckets that come in standard and custom-made sizes. VLift buckets are fabricated according to certified drawings and supplied with the third party Certificate. V-LIFT Concrete Bucket is designed with a Lay flat hose attached to the valve to promote smooth concrete placement. The valve which acts as a gate-opening mechanism can be easily managed by the attached handle that controls the flow and prevents spillage. Our Center/Side Discharge Concrete Bucket is designed for fast and direct unloading of concrete with lever-operated discharge capabilities. Capacity: 300 Ltr to 2000 Ltr.

  • Concrete bucket with a fast side unloading Opening with lever
  • High quality widely used crane concrete bucket
  • Square shape crane concrete bucket with Gate Opening Mechanism
  • Third party safety certificate provided
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