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Inlet guide vane technology

The IGV concept enhances compressor performance by precisely controlling inlet air flow during reduced consumption periods.

High-performance impellers

State of the art geometrical blade design provides exceptionally high efficiency across the entire operating range.

Quality gear manufacturing

LMF are able to repeatedly produce helical pinion gears that will provide quiet, vibration free and low stress operation for many thousands of working hours. This process is compliant with AGMA 13 international standards.

Long life bearings

Precision ground high quality white metal bearings are constructed to provide perfect lubrication properties free of turbulation and heat build up. At high speeds the bearing design is critical to provide stability and low vibration.

Guaranteed sealing system

The LH series multi-stage, totally effective sealing specification, assures 100% pure air delivery even under prolonged low system compressed air demands.

Horizontal-split gear boxes and frame design

Horizontally split gear boxes, tapered casting location dowels, oil leak elimination (face to face O Ring Sealing), and built in lifting and access points all combine to enable repeatable rebuild quality in field applications.

Intercooler design and serviceability

With serviceability in mind, the water-in-tube Intercooler design allows for efficient and effective cleaning to maintain important temperature control.

Oil-tank/Cooler-shell block and alternative drives

Constant and precise control of oil lubrication and cooling for bearings and gearbox, provides the LH Series with long life and minimum breakdown risks. Formulated LMF lubricants will not degrade prematurely and complement all the LH design features in this world class 100% oil free product.

LMF have an unprecedented history of groundbreaking achievements. In 1901 Viktor Kaplan, the inventor of the “Kaplan-water turbine”, joined the staff of the Leobersdorfer Maschinenfabrik GmbH, (LMF Austria), as a design engineer. The principles of Kaplans inventions still apply to products manufactured in the 21st century.

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Maximum pressure control
  • Streamlined air flow, 100% oil free
  • Extremely low noise and vibration
  • Easy component access for serviceability
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