Air Compressor / Combi Series LX 18

Combi Series LX 18

Combi Series LX 18


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LXB-FS series offers a compact, tank mounted compressor complete with refrigerated air dryer and filtration as one stand-alone unit. Perfect for installations tight on available space. Model LXB5-15 FS

LKB-FS is a full feature air station design which incorporates a rotary screw air compressor, refrigerated air dryer, line filtration and condensate drain all in one compact package. All components are mounted on a 500 litre vertical air receiver designed to fit through a standard doorway. This full feature option provides the customer with all services in a small footprint which can easily be transported to any factory location for point of use compressed air.


Motor power: 5.5kW – 22kW

Air discharge: 0.5 m3/min-3.8 m3/min

Working pressure: 8 / 10 bar


  • Compact full feature design
  • Compressor and dryer installed on 500 litre vertical air receiver
  • Built in filtration and condensate removal
  • Fits through standard doorway
  • Front access for serviceability so can be installed in tight spaces
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