Cutting Blades & Cup Wheels / Diamond saw blades for table saws

Diamond saw blades for table saws

Tyrolit Diamond Table Saw Blade


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TYROLIT table saw blades impress with excellent cutting performance and a long lifetime. They are optimised for the relevant material or application.TYROLIT table saw blades are developed to work perfectly with TYROLIT Hydrostress machines and therefore meet all cutting work challenges and deliver the best results. Materials able to be machined: Cellular concrete, sand-lime brick, pumice stone, clay brick, etc. Details: 35–30 mm and 30–25.4 mm reduction bushes are included with disc diameters up to 550 mm. A 60–55 mm reduction bush is supplied with disc diameters of 625 mm and upwards.

  • Available in all relevant diameters
  • Designed to perfectly harmonise with TYROLIT Hydrostress machines
  • Reduction bushes for various machine types
  • Universal use for various building materials, such as clay brick, concrete, sand-lime brick, etc.
  • Maximum performance and lifetime.
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