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Our calenders, or spiral machines, are absolutely reliable machines that will let you make circles with an unlimited curvature radius as well as spirals with an adjustable diameter, starting from a minimum of 15 cm and without any maximum limit. Icaro calenders are world renowned for their utmost precision and high productivity, and can bend iron bars 6 to 34 mm in diameter. A dual-speed motor will allow you to cut small and big diameter bars with virtually no effort. Model : CAL34

  • Our calenders follow all CE standard European laws as well as worldwide regulations. The quality control procedures performed on our machines abide by ISO9001/2008 norms.
  • The dual speed motor makes it easy to bend iron bars of different diameters. Thanks to an electrical panel fitted on each machine, end users will be able to set their machine according to the their needs.
  • Working bench is made up of three different rollers made of a special material which has been treated thermally. Curvature radius is adjustable through a special screw.
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