Block Cutting Machine / Imer Block Cutting Machine M400 Smart

Imer Block Cutting Machine M400 Smart

Block Cutting Machine M400 Smart Imer Italy


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The M400 Smart saw is designed for cutting bricks, stone materials and stones. Thanks to the interchangeable blade (. 350 or 400 mm), it adapts to the many needs of a building site. The tilting cutting head allows for higher speed in performing special cuts like grooves, profiles and cut-outs. STANDARD EQUIPMENT 230V/50Hz direct drive electric motor, 2.2 kW IP67 plug Blade . 350 mm, universal-sectors Shatter-resistant plastic tray to contain and recover water Transport handle and wheels for manual handling and loading Folding legs Arm guard Exclusive IMER arm adjustment and locking system Wooden cutting surface Carriage anti-overturning system Large protractor

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