Mortar Spraying and Conveying Machines / MAGNUS M40 Fireproof Mortar Spraying Machine

MAGNUS M40 Fireproof Mortar Spraying Machine



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MAGNUS M40 mortar spraying machine is economical to maintain and robust for internal and external spraying applications such as site mix plaster, coating of cementious fire proofing, insulating plasters, rough coat and textured plasters, trowel plaster, adhesive bonded joint, masonry mortar, refractory mortar, sealing suspensions, injection mortar, filling and anchoring mortar, dispersion plaster, fiber mortar, fiberglass concrete, bonding mortar, stucco, and grouts.

  • The slide on cardan shaft makes it easier to change the pump parts.
  • Intelligent positioning of mixing blade.
  • Perfectly adapted mixer for rapid material processing
  • Flexible and used in a host of applications
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