Tile Cutter / Manual Tile Cutter Bellota Spain

Manual Tile Cutter Bellota Spain

Bellota Ceramic Tile Cutter Manual


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Bellota is a world-leading manufacturer producing manual tile cutting machines. Features: Base with a unique design that combines aluminium and a smooth steel central surface. Easy to place and excellent sliding of the ceramic. Easy to clean. Separating mechanism located outside the guides. Greater comfort whilst working, as the cut can be made without the need to remove the scoring lever. Ambidextrous, progressive separator mechanism. Greater comfort whilst working, for both left and righthanded. High breaking power. Zamak sliders with extra-wide self-lubricating bushings. Maximum resistance, precision, and fluidity. Robust, ribbed, and extra-wide aluminium risers with two anchor points. Tool holder reinforced with a steel centre shaft and with interior brakes. The scoring wheel quickly adjusts to the thickness of the tile and can be changed very quickly. Round guides made of solid, chromed steel. Includes lateral block for repetitive cuts and cuts at a 45º angle, 6 mm. and 10mm. scoring wheels.

  • For high intensity work.
  • For cutting average sizes, medium and hard materials, up to 72 cm length and maximum 15 mm width.
  • Unique extra-wide base design reinforced with two lateral underneath aluminum beams securely attached to both rail bar supports and covered with a flat sheet of galvanized steel. This advanced design guarantees a very tough and rigid base while offering a very open, clean and convenient working area: easiness to position the tile and easiness of maintenance and cleaning.
  • Reinforced aluminum cast rail bar supports fixed with a double anchor on both sides to optimize the resistance to stress, to guarantee precision and to faithfully transmit the efforts of the user.
  • These bars ensure a very smooth gliding and a higher scoring precision while being more resistant to wear and deformation.
  • Extra-wide self-lubricating bushings tool holder: smooth gliding all along the round rail bars ensuring precision, fluidity and long lasting durability.
  • Integrated steel axis in the body of the tool holder for maximum strength and durability featuring a unique feature: adjustable in hardness using an integrated braking system.
  • Scoring wheel (blade) securely and precisely held in the tool holder and can be adjusted in height depending on the thickness of the tile the position the end user likes to work.
  • Progressive and powerful fixed breaking mechanism that can be used either with your right or left hand for maximum convenience and comfort.
  • The lever of this breaking system is smartly located outside the scoring area for enhanced visibility and for saving time as the tool holder doesn’t need to be retracted once the tile is scored. These are two unique patented features.
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