Plate Compactors / Mikasa Reversible Plate Compactor Diesel MVH208DSY

Mikasa Reversible Plate Compactor Diesel MVH208DSY

Reversible Plate Compactor Diesel MVH208DSY Mikasa Japan


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MIKASA is a world-leading manufacturer producing light-sized Compaction Equipment for the construction industry and other applications. Our product line includes Tamping Rammers, Forward Compactors, Reversible Compactors, Hand Guided Vibration Rollers and other specialized equipment. Based in Tokyo, Japan, the company has assumed a dominant position over the past 80 years in its export business which is helping Mikasa products to take prominent positions in the USA, Europe, Asia and other countries.

  • STRUCTURE The rotating of the shaft with eccentric rotor and the adjusting the phase of resultant force. This combination can adjust compaction force and variable speed.
  • FEATURES The centrifugal force produced by twin eccentric weights can generate strong compaction force. A.Equivalent compaction power with 80kg Tamping rammer. The forward, neutral and reverse motion as well as its direction and speed are adjusted. B.The low profile machine with stable operationability. C.Suitable for backfill of sewerage works and other wider jobs. D.Easy to operate needed direction, speed (the adjustment of force).
  • Mikasa Reversible Plate Compactor MVH208DSY driven by Diesel Engine
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