Tamping Rammer / Tamping Rammer with Petrol Engine

Tamping Rammer with Petrol Engine

Mikasa Tamping Rammer with Petrol Engine


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MIKASA is a world-leading manufacturer producing light-sized Compaction Equipment for the construction industry and other applications. Tamping Rammer is a compacting machine, capable of quickly working by applying consecutive impacts to the surface of the soil in order to level the uneven soil surface, to compact the soil uniformly so that the void among soil particles are minimized and to increase its dry density with moisture in the soil removed.

  • VAS Handle: Tamping Rammer utilizes a newly designed Vibration Absorbing System Handle that reduces 30 or 40 % for vibration transferred to your hands ( compared to our normal handle models ) to work more efficiency.
  • Throttle Lever with fuel cutoff mechanism interlocked kill-switch ( 3 in 1 system) (Fuel Valve, Engine Stop Switch, Accelerating for Running / Stopping are integrated in one system)
  • Original Robust Bellows: Our bellows designed with meshedpattern inner wall delivers an extremely stable tamping stroke that resists twisting.
  • Original Rugged Foot: Mikasa‚Äôs original foot is metal sheet assembly made from wear resistant and high tensile strength steel.
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